BY Josef Neet AND Oscar T Wilson

October to December

SSP Bar and Studio Exhibition

Collaborative exhibition from emerging South London Artists' Josef Neet and Oscar T Wilson showcasing large scale abstract works.



Josef Neet and Oscar T Wilson met in 2016 whilst working as labourers in South London. Both with a shared passion for art, music and film and an ambition to create.

As self-taught painters, painting alongside one and other, the pairing influenced each others styles whilst painting become a necessary creative outlet.

The title of the exhibition lends itself from the 1999, post-punk single from the artist Roland S. Howard, formerly of the Birthday Party.

As a philosophy, ‘Exit Everything’ is the the commonplace struggle to keep afloat in an indifferent city. With heads in the clouds and soul’s in the gutter; in and out of housing, in and out of work, in and out of pubs and smokey living rooms until it’s too much and takes a noticeable toll and one has to exit everything, reevaluate and start afresh.

Works are for sale, please inquire in venue.

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