Urban Humanity by Christian Gastaldi

June to Mid-September

SSP Bar and Studio Exhibition


Urban Humanity

This June to mid-September, we welcome our first international exhibitor; Christian Gastaldi from France.

Artist Statement
I am attracted by the humanity I perceived in distressed material that can be found on city walls. Embedded with dirt, destructed by tears, altered by weathering - a metaphor of life? - the mundane material, thus strongly proclaims its humanity, its crude and rude beauty.


From them, I work as a painter, reconstructing from selected elements, structuring the composition by hand-made tears (my brush strokes), creating spatial rhythm. Graphically, I seek to create the equivalent of what is the ‘style’ for a writer; something that creates a mood, a visual world that the viewer is free to interpret, far away from pre-cooked, seductive and imposed messages.

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